Friday, July 25, 2008


we were on the floor
the window was bigger than you both ways
your arm span and your height
the window was bigger or something
you wanted to touch all parts of the window

i said "aren't you glad we're not in the sky looking down at all of the things on earth, we would be bored in the sky"
you said "you think about things too much"


gena said...

the last lines are perfect

ryan manning said...

the asian britney spears approves of this post

jereme said...

i liked this

but i disagree

watching the world from above

sounds like the cure for

boredom and quite a few other things

jillian said...

i think it would be fun if we could switch between the two

but if i only ever knew the sky i think i would be bored

"people want what they can't have"

jereme said...


i would pretend to be god and slowly crush the earth with my thumb in my purview.

and yes, you are getting what i was alluding to

astronaughts jettison at violent speeds into space

and witness the world and the cosmos and everything and nothing

but they always return home

back to little earth

there are roughly 6.5 billion people existing

and only 482 have

a perspective and appreciation

that we will never fathom

jereme said...

oh and i forgot, i would only want to go alone or a particular person who is very special

i think it would be boring any other way

HappyIGuess said...

you should try gangsta rap for your next poem entry.

dedicate it to me, michael jahng. the asian suge knight. make that the asian snoop dogg - he aint in no jail cell but makin money$ and making pornos.

why i be so damn poor and broke?

i will sing some samples for you now to make you feel some kind of emotion:

be my
be my little baby
be my
be my little baby

when my homies call
you aint heard

nuthin but a g thang
2 low down gs going

said a 1
and a 2
and a 3 and a

snoop dogg is
bow wow wow
yippy yo yippy yay
bow wow wow
yippy yo

its hard out here for a pimp

Brandon said...


Your poetry...yes
yes x7

It makes me smile or makes me think or makes me nod in recognition and say "wow, i know exactly what she's talking about."
or something else.

I like it. I really do.

Susana Mai said...

You would be bored. Why else are there gods coming down here and messing up the humans? It's boring.

I like the idea of a stable surface like a floor, but everything else is expanding, everything else is vast and wanting to be touched in its expansion.

Uncontainables are cool.

Lisa Ladehoff said...

this is all that

lisa ladehoff said...

i don't remember leaving that comment. i might have been drunk.

but i do really like this and it makes me want to cradle your head in my lap and pet your hair and coo softly to you.

essentially i have a really overwhelming maternal instinct.