Wednesday, July 2, 2008


in a beauty magazine i saw a dog wearing a wig
and i thought, "animal cruelty" and "i bet the dog didn't like that"
i don't want to offend anyone

my guitar teacher said that people give human qualities
to animals too often and it makes the humans afraid
with large eyes

he said when you are snorkeling and you see a barracuda
it probably is not thinking about shark week on discovery channel


Colin Bassett said...

nice, good, i like this

matthew said...

discovery channel

jereme said...

i think your guitar teacher smokes too much happy smoke

and should focus on teaching guitar

and get off his pulpit

i am only slightly joking

Lisa Ladehoff said...

ha, yeah.

jillian said...

he just talks a lot, i think

he is very opinionated but smart, so i don't mind listening

thank you everyone

jereme said...

i liked the writing. i forgot to tell you

i think i was working in another window.

the main point i wanted to convey was "good job. liked it"

Daniel Bailey said...

this is a good one.

the dog probably doesn't like the wig. most dogs don't like things on their heads like that, but my dog back home loves scarves and loves wearing her collar. if you have her collar and you show it to her she acts excited and runs to you and won't leave until you put it back on her.

HappyIGuess said...

what is elk?
nice poem btw

hi my name is: marishimo said...

you got it, you know you got it good.