Monday, June 30, 2008


a few minutes ago i had a panic attack
i saw a minivan full of people who i didn't really want to see
i said blunt things to them and my behavior surprised them
they probably think i am "inappropriate"
i feel destructive
i want to go to the pool and wreck havoc on everyone
i just want to curl up somewhere with someone's cold arms on me


Gena Mohwish said...
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matthew said...

i like this project jillian

project jillian

ashley wolf said...


jillian said...

hi thank you matthew

hi ashley

gena i know you do

Lisa Ladehoff said...

most of the time when i see people i know and don't want to see because i know i'll have anxiety, i see them from far off, and duck into a store i'm not interested in, or pretend to be on the phone.
one time when i was drunk, or maybe twice or three times, i just ran.